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The collection of old images captured on film. They ware taken in vary places and time. Some are quite old.

Stare Żukowice 2010

_MG_z9047stare żukowice AQH

Next competition in Stare Żukowice.



In the vicinity of the Hochberg’s castle, near Walbrzych, Książ Stud is situated. The place is unique, not only because of the horses. It’s truly …

Stare Żukowice 2009,

z9615_American Quarter Horse

American Quarter Horse.

Stare Żukowice 2008,

IMG_z6699_American Quarter Horse

American Quarter Horse.

“Western City” Karpacz 2009

z8000_western city_karpacz

International Western & Rodeo Championship of Poland

Stare Żukowice 2007,

IMG_z2686_American Quarter Horse

American Quarter Horse.

Low Beskids close to horses!


Low Beskids today is the wildest mountain range in Poland. The peculiarity of the Low Beskid Mountains are charming villages that does not exist. Once …

Feria del Caballo & Equisur


If anyone has not heard about “Feria”, he should quickly make up his knowledge, or at least see these pictures. All of this may be …